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PEMF Therapy
Strengthening your body’s self regulation ability

Every living creature is fundamentally electric in nature, that includes us humans.

Naturally, our bodies interact with earth’s magnetic fields and should be in balance with them. PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy uses extremely low electromagnetic fields and pulsates them to create this balance.

In our modern nature there is good EMF, which includes Earth’s magnetic field and PEMF and there is bad EMF which includes the signals from our cell phones and other electronic devices . These signals can damage our bodies’ cellular structure. An increase in conditions such as Insomnia, chronic headaches, anxiety and inflammation (to name a few) have been linked to over-exposure to harmful EMF. PEMF therapy can support the regulation of the cell functions to improve sleep, decrease inflammation, reduce joint pains and much more.


We offer a 20 minutes session on our 5-Therapy Mat featuring: PEMF therapy, infrared heat, red light therapy, natural crystals, and negative ions.

Book a session now to have your first experience.  


To learn more about PEMF technology that we offer or to purchase your own mat, click here.



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