Updated: Aug 20, 2019

At AviHolisticLiving, we believe that health and disease are not limited to the absence or presence of symptoms; they are states of being – processes and journeys that each person takes on from the time of entering this physical world until the time of departure.

Changes in your health are directly linked to changes in your energy system. Changes in your energy system have a dynamic relationship with your mind, body and spirit. Lack of alignment or disharmony in one area of your energy system can impact your overall health and well-being.

It is our honour and a privilege to introduce our approach, one that includes balance and harmony to support your health and well-being when you enter Avicenna Holistic Centre.

Achieving a state of health-in-relative-balance requires a holistic approach. Thus the collective energy and wisdom of our diverse practitioners will provide you with real benefits to begin your journey toward a healthier and more balanced life.

~Sara Namazi

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