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What is Biometric Tissue Salt Therapy?

The original pioneers:

Dr. Samuel Frederick Hahnemann, April 10, 1755-July 2, 1843

Constantine J. Hering, January 1, 1800-July 23, 1880

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schessler, August 21, 1821- March 30, 1898

Dr. Scheussler developed these salts into a complete system of what we now know as 12 Schuessler Tissue Salts. Dr. Schuessler was 19th century genius who was not only a physician, but also a physicist and physiological chemist.

He developed the Tissue Salts using system of cellular therapy and biochemistry.

There are twelve original Tissue Salts that were discovered by Scheussler. In his discovery, he found out that these 12 inorganic minerals exist naturally in the body. The theory of biochemical medicine was developed in 1873 by combining the principles of homeopathy and biochemistry to give us the 12 safe and natural cell salts.

Each of these salts are derived from 12 inorganic mineral compounds that are very important to the cellular health. 

Schuessler discovered that the cell of tissue salts stimulate the body's natural healing ability to repair the mineral imbalances on cellular level, by realizing that deficiencies in the minerals are a source of common health problems and the cell salts that are derived from those minerals give the body what it requires to treat illnesses. 

The 12 inorganic minerals are the active workers that utilize the inactive substances and build millions of healthy cells which the body is made up of.

The idea of Health and Disease in relation to Tissue Salts:

Health is a state of normal cell metamorphosis. 

Disease is when the molecular activity of one or more of the inorganic tissue salts is disturbed in the body due to deficiency of these salts. This disturbance will cause an altered state of the cell.

The core build-up of the cell is determined by the anatomy of its nutritive environment just like when a plant’s thriving ability depends on the quality of soil amongst other things.

The cure takes place when equilibrium of inorganic material is restored by administering substances. 

Tissue salts work on cellular level to restock the deficiencies, whereas homeopathic remedies work on a different plane. They are potentized to higher frequencies. The tissue salts that work on molecular level on more physical and lower frequencies.

To learn more about the original 12 Tissue Salts, stay tuned for the next blog series with an introduction to each of these salts individually. 

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