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Teeth and nails decay? Which Biometric Tissue Salt can help?

Calcarea Fluorica

This biometric tissue salt is also known as Calcium Fluoride or Fluoride of Lime. It is important to know that this salt does not hold the harmful properties of Fluoride and the reason is, that as a tissue salt, it features therapeutic properties.

Calcarea Fluorica or Calc-Fl is naturally found on the surface of the bones and the enamel of the teeth. It is the constituent of the elastic fibres and epidermis.

Elastic fibres are found in the skin, connective tissues and vascular walls.

The disturbance of equilibrium of this biometric salt can cause loss of elasticity of the fibres and therefore a disturbance of function and physiology of blood vessels.

These disturbances can manifest in a number of health problems such as:

* Varicose and enlarged veins

*Vascular tumours

*Indurated glands

*Post-partum haemorrhage

*Uterine displacement

*Weakening of abdominal walls

*Swelling of cervical lymph glands in the groins

*Decay of nails and teeth


*Stoney hard nodules inside the muscles

*Swelling and bleeding of the gums


*Hemorrhoids and bleeding during passing stool

*Fissure, fistula in anus

*Swelling of feet in pregnancy

*Flappy and relaxed muscles

Suggested doses: Please consult your homeopath to receive a customized dosing of this salt.

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