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Osteoarthritis? Which Biometric Tissue Salt can help?

Calcarea-Phosphorica is essential to proper growth and nutrition of the body.

It is found in blood-plasma, saliva, gastric juice, bones, connective tissue, teeth, milk, etc...

It supports new blood cells, which makes a good remedy for anemia

It promotes healthy cell growth

It is a nutritive salt for periosteum (covering of the bone tissue)

It is important for coagulation of blood when it's needed

It is used in conditions such as Ricketts

It is used during dentition for the proper nourishment of dental bones by blood

It increases the regenerative function of nerve tissue especially in older people

It is used in Osteoarthritis

It is used for non-union of fractured bones

It is used in for headaches and nervous cough in children

It can help with frequent headaches especially in school children, which manifests in headaches after they return from school or when they are about to read a book

For proper dosing and frequency please consult your registered homeopath.

This article is not intended to replace your physician's advice or prescribed medication. It is solely intended for information on supportive therapy.

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