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Homeopathy, An Alchemical Journey of Human Soul, in search for The Philosopher's Stone


The history of mankind has been marked by profuse cultural, sociological and individual searching for a ‘higher level’ of existence and consciousness. Historically punctuated by the attempts and explanations of the two major branches of thought, philosophy and science, the existential questions that have formed the fabric of this journey have yet to be solved. Despite their differences in reasoning, philosophy and science have both, seemingly and inadvertently, arrived at the same questions on which other methods have sought to further expand. These questions are the “Big Questions” about what defines humanity and its role in the cosmos. From examining the definitions of health and disease, the dichotomy between life and death and the question of transcendence of one’s physical being, mankind’s questioning has resulted in branches of thought that try to answer them both from a philosophical and scientific viewpoint.

The purpose of this paper is to arrive at an understanding of the intertwined relationship between the two major sciences, arts and philosophies of human history – alchemy and homeopathy. United by the common goal of reaching the highest level of existence, the two branches propose ideas that seem unrelated on the surface, but are truly and inherently connected.

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