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“Out beyond the ideas of

wrong-doings and right-doings, there is a field, I’ll meet you there.”

– Rumi

Mihai Andrei

Qi Gong Teacher

Mihai is a QiGong instructor with the QilinGong Federation, a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP), and an engineering professional in a high-tech industry. 

Mihai's life path has lead him to train with Master Lin Kai Ting, founder of the QilinGong style and Cindy Smith, founder of the Canadian-based AEP program. Mihai was born and raised in Romania. He moved to Calgary with family while in his teens and later to Vancouver as a young adult. Mihai obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Calgary.  He has practiced QiGong since 2005, and became an instructor in 2013, the same year he acquired his AEP certification.

Mihai’s QiGong classes focus on self-healing, body transformation, and unlocking infinite inner potential. The classes he offers at Avicenna Center and in Langley, BC, are suitable for any fitness level and cover a wide variety of practices and techniques. 

With the gift of Angel energy, Mihai’s one-on-one readings and healing sessions focus on removing mental and emotional energy blockages, improving health challenges, and accessing clear guidance to make wise choices during life's more challenging events.  Providing both QiGong and AEP intuitive support to hundreds of clients has been a truly rewarding experience. 

Instead of working harder, releasing blockages helps you move forward more effectively. Making peace with decisions and life situations is the place where your true power originates. Mihai looks forward to sharing the perspectives he has acquired to expand, enhance, and empower your life's amazing journey.