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Life Coaching

Life Coaching helps support people who want to improve their quality of life through planned achievable goals for personal and professional development. You set the agenda, and your coach supports and encourages you in achieving your goals.

Life Coaching defines specific tasks, provides a framework and monitors with feedback and questions. Practical solutions are found to bring out your full potential and maximize your skills and abilities to ensure your success.

Coaching can help:

  • If you are looking for a purpose or direction in your life

  • If you are not achieving your career goals or seeking a new career

  • If you keep repeating negative patterns in your relationships and career

  • If you get to a certain point in achieving your goals and then get stuck

  • If you want to make clear decisions and seek clarity of choices

  • If you want to build your confidence and increase your self-esteem

  • If you want to discover techniques for success

  • If you want to create a work-life balance

  • If you want to increase your business sales, start a new business

While working with our life coaches, you are given support and self-enhancing homework which allow you to integrate what you have learned in our sessions and into your life.

You can create more meaning in your life, cultivate confidence and keep yourself motivated in helping you unlock your potential. The coaching space we offer is your time, dedicated to you and your success. We work to enhance your life through life coaching.

Our coaches bring a wealth of experience that can be applied to relevant areas of your professional or your personal life.

Most importantly, we hold you accountable.

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Daniel Fung

Certified Life Coach

Certified through the Fearless Living Institute, and has received several awards. He has 25 years of corporate experience specializing in Supply Chain Management before starting his coaching practice in 2014. In the past year, he has become more spiritual and more conscious of the higher power.

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