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HeartMath for Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation

HeartMath Institute was founded in 1991 with the vision to provide tools to connect us with “THE HEART OF WHO WE TRULY ARE”.


Today, people of all ages and all walks of life all around the world use HeartMath techniques in their homes, offices, classrooms and communities to move towards a more balanced and harmonious life.


HeartMath techniques are developed based on scientific research and observations. There are observation tools available to show us our Heart Rate Variability before and after using these techniques.


“The mission of HeartMath Institute is to help people bring their physical, mental, and emotional system into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance. This unfolds the path for becoming heart-empowered individuals who choose the way of love, which they demonstrate through compassionate care for the well-being of themselves, others and Planet Earth”  HeartMath Website


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