Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy utilizes gentle touch and movements to induce deep relaxation, correct alignment, remove restrictions and restore balance to the body. Because of its gentle approach, Craniosacral therapy can safely be used by those living with chronic pain, infants and the elderly.

Despite its gentleness, Craniosacral therapy can produce a deep healing response in the body. It has a profound effect on the central nervous system making it an ideal treatment for recovering from old injuries, trauma, pain, headaches, TMJ issues, back pain and stress. Regular Craniosacral treatments maintain healthy organ function, alignment and boost health.

Paula has completed extensive training in bodywork to provide a well-rounded and adaptive treatment approach integrating techniques from traditional Craniosacral therapy, psychosomatic release, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, active release therapy and muscle energy technique.


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Paula Guilbeault-Roballo, Hom


As a holistic healthcare professional, Paula is committed to creating sustainable health solutions for her patients by integrating a variety of holistic health disciplines to ensure each patient’s health plan is as unique as they are.

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