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Why Alternative Healing?

Some of what can be helped with

​Benefits of Holistic Healing


The digestive system is often at the root of many ailments found across the body. Supporting its proper functioning is essential to overall well-being, and because of its sensitivity to many factors, a holistic approach is needed.


Fatigue is a complex issue that has neither a single cause nor a single cure. Body, mind and spirit must be aligned for energy to flow freely and vibrantly. Supporting the whole self through things like nutrition, reiki, yoga, counselling, and art therapy can bring relief from fatigue.


Detoxification is not only for the body, but for the emotional, mental, and spiritual self as well. Cleansing ourselves of baggage we no longer need is an essential part of being well.

Every one's Health

A holistic approach to our health ensures that the individual's specific needs are met, through all stages of life and living. Practitioners of all backgrounds are trained to support the unique needs of each person.

Weight Loss

If there is one constant in the ever-evolving and controversial concept of weight loss, it would be the need for balance. Finding the right mix of inputs for the body to maintain health is just as important as the inputs for the mind and spirit. Sustained weight management is most possible with a holistic approach.


The effects of stress on the body are damaging and pervasive. As stress arises from our physical experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions, it is important to support our body's healing while also re-training the mind. A holistic approach to stress management ensures the body is well, regardless of life's stressors.



“Thank you! I had the most remarkable sleep last night...the best drug free night in years!  I’ve no doubt that energy helped me withstand the rigors of a hellish work week.”

— Cincy B. (Vancouver, BC)


Your Health Starts Here.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or missed appointments:
Please be mindful that our practitioners have set aside your appointment time just for you.
We ask that you provide 24 hours notice should you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment.
The full appointment fee will be charged, by the guidelines of the individual practitioner to you,

if you make an appointment and don’t show up.
Exceptions to this will be stated by the practitioners, or if you are caught up in an emergency.

Please be in touch with the individual practitioner never the less.

~ Avicenna Holistic Living

Cancellation Policy
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